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Strangely enough, the idea of the Bhoys from Brasil was conceived mid ’96 on a flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. A couple of us had been there working and were mourning the fact that we didn’t have anywhere to watch our hooped heroes. Of course back then there was no Setanta satellite coverage of this part of the world, no broadband internet, no worldwide ESPN deals and no real local interest. In fact, it was all short wave radio, expensive transatlantic phone calls and often anguished delays as elderly family members shuffled away from the phone to find the results for us.

So, fast forward to 2005, and a “Berlin Wall” type collapse of all the previous barriers was happening. Thanks to a groundswell of demand and the help of a friendly local publican, late 2005 saw a small but determined group of Bhoys congregating in the Lord Jim Pub in Ipanema to watch (where possible), drink, debate and sing about the Celtic.

Such was the success (much to the chagrin of many wives and girlfriends) of these wee social gatherings that a supporters club was founded in May 2006. Those of you who have been through establishment and/or running a CSC will smile ruefully at the thought of the many hours we debated/argued/huffed with each other over such many and varied topics as the official club name, badge/logo designs, merchandising, charity donations, office bearers, what was the official shade of Celtic green, just to name a few.

All that fuss over a Logo

All that fuss over a Logo

Anyhow, much hot air and ale later, it was agreed that the club would be officially named the Rio Fergus McCann Celtic Supporters Club and we received a very welcoming and encouraging letter of support from His Bunnetness giving the blessing to our venture. And so the Bhoys from Brasil were born.

The following seasons saw the roller coaster ride of emotion which following Celtic is all about and many nights (or early mornings due to time differences) emotions plummeted and soared further than Charlie Adams sister’s undergarments!

Apart from the obvious (Naka goal against Man Utd, Donati v Shaktar, JVoH 93rd min winner against TFOD) highlights there’s been many, many eventful days and many good friends have been made along the way. Some more famous than others!


The Bhoys n’ Ghirls (and a few celebrities)

Thus far you’d be forgiven for thinking that the RFMCSC is all about socialising and celebrity hob nobbing. However, there is also a serious side to the club. Inspired by the tenets of Brother Walfrid we have made it our constitutional obligation to give 50% of any annual profits (mostly raised from the sales of merchandising) to the local community. This particular writer is never quite sure which is more emotive – a rousing YNWA or the smiles from the wee kids in the local Pedra de Guartiba orphanage when they receive some unexpected presents on Children’s Day – refer to Fundraising for information on who’s supported by RFMCSC .

Now many of you will have been associated with various CSC’s throughout your life and will know that the situation of CSC internal politics, maintaining memberships, relationships with venue managers is often as precarious a ride as following the club itself. And so April this year, the Rio Fergus McCann were no different, when our sponsor announced that the pub was closing and we would be effectively homeless.

However, a combination of determination of the individuals involved and the eventual offer (praise be to the man we know as the Taoiseach) of a new home in The Irish Pub (aka the TIP), 14a Rua de Jangadeiros, Ipanema, RJ has seen our CSC almost mirror events of mid 94 when a wee man with a bunnet first entered into the public perception. We’re pleased to say that our new home and surroundings have now taken on the same sort of transformation that Celtic Park also underwent during the 90’s.

Families and Friends on a “Trip to TIP”

Families and Friends on a “Trip to TIP”

Fast forward a few years to 2014 which finds the Rio CSC resident at the Blue Agave Mexican Themed bar in Ipanema, thanks to Alex and Richard and their team. In addition, February saw the inaugural event in Miami (or Barra as it’s actually known) with a 16 strong contingent watching the Celtic vs Aberdeen match in Rosa Chopp. So to wind things up, like most small CSC’s who are far from Paradise we welcome the interest and support shown by visitors and can assure anyone who makes the trip to Ippy or Barra to join us that it’ll be well worth their while. What are you waiting for?

Viva A Revolução Verde!
All the Lhads n’ Lhases
Rio Fergus McCann CSC